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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Home in Arcadia

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If you are looking for a new home in the Phoenix area, have you considered Arcadia? Nestled in the northeast part of Phoenix, this neighborhood gives its residents a wealth of amenities and scenic views. Historic homes on mature lots make the Arcadia neighborhood among the most sought-after in Phoenix. 

For those ready for a verdant retreat in the Phoenix desert, Arcadia might be the perfect fit. Just 15 minutes from Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport, Arcadia offers convenience while feeling like it’s miles away from the city. Keep reading to learn what you need to know about homes for sale in Arcadia.

Know your preferences

Are you looking for a home featuring a chef-style kitchen or a supreme main bath? Or perhaps you have your heart set on a soothing, resort-style backyard that is completely private from your neighbors. Before you start scouting homes in Arcadia, make a list of your non-negotiables and features where you can be flexible. For instance, you may be adamant that your next home is Pueblo-style or a sprawling ranch with one floor. You may be willing to be flexible on whether or not it has a pool, however.

Consider your priorities when it comes to location, as well. Arcadia is known for its date and orange groves, which lend a rural quality to this tight-knit community. Many properties in the Arcadia neighborhood boast views of Camelback Mountain or offer easy access to the trails along the Arizona Canal. 

Work with an experienced agent

One of your best decisions in the house hunting process is to work with a licensed real estate agent. In particular, you should choose a professional agent with intimate knowledge of the neighborhood and current and historical market trends in Arcadia. An agent will be your resource for unique neighborhood characteristics that may seem unfamiliar to the untrained eye.

An experienced agent also adds a level of polish to the entire buying or selling process. Some sellers may be wary of working with potential buyers who lack representation. Agents will have connections with other realtors, mortgage lenders, inspectors, and other critical pieces of the buying process to ensure a smoother transaction. They can help you understand the best approach to finding homes and what you will need to do to make a competitive offer. 

Look at online listings

As you begin your housing search, look at online listings to see what is currently available and pare down the choices. Especially if you are on a tight timeline to make a purchase, online listings can cut down on the leg work. You can find specific details on acreage sizes, square footage, and updates that may persuade or dissuade you from investigating a particular property further. 

Your agent will have access to the latest properties and multiple listing services (MLS). With an MLS, your agent can search for homes on your behalf and glean details about appealing listings from other brokers. Since agents pay a fee to use an MLS database, you gain exclusive access to listings that otherwise might go undiscovered. 

Visit open houses

When you’re looking for a new home, seeing it in person is the only way to gain a clearer picture of what the home offers. You can check the home’s proximity to neighbors and critical amenities, such as shopping centers, health care services, and schools. 

You also can gauge how well the current owners have taken care of the home. Many Arcadia homes were constructed during the middle of the 20th century, meaning that structural and cosmetic updates should be a given. Overgrown landscaping and interior wear and tear will be easier to spot in-person, as opposed to through an online listing. Professional photography can mask or simply avoid showing critical issues that you will not want to inherit.

Determine your financing

When buying a home in Arcadia, you will need to secure financing before moving forward with an offer. Income, existing debts, and job security are among the factors that can paint your financial picture and impact your loan amount. You will want to get pre-approved for a loan early in the search so your agent can steer you toward the right types of homes. Compare interest rates from multiple lenders before committing to one. 

While securing a mortgage loan is a common step, if you have the means to make an all-cash offer, you may be able to edge out the competition. In addition, you will have equity immediately when you purchase the home. The entire transaction process accelerates because you will not need to go through the underwriting process and wait for necessary approvals. Sellers eager to seal the deal quickly will prefer working with a cash buyer. 

Negotiate for the best offer

Finally, you will need to be prepared to move swiftly to make an offer. Your real estate agent will guide you toward a fair offer that positions you well with the seller. And they can handle negotiations with the seller’s agent. 

If your offer is not the only one on the table, know that you may need to make some concessions. This can include accepting a home that requires repairs to plumbing, windows, electrical work, and other significant systems within the home. Even so, buying a home in Arcadia means you will be making a strong financial investment in an area where property values are on the rise. 

Select the right home in Arcadia

The Arcadia real estate market can be challenging when you are up against stiff competition. That’s why it pays to have a knowledgeable real estate agent at your side throughout the buying process. An agent who knows Arcadia can help you pinpoint the properties that reflect the amenities you desire at your price point. They will have the negotiation skills, as well, to work with other agents and arrive at a fair deal.

The realtors at The Karas Group have the collective expertise and commitment to customer service to help clients find their dream homes. Whether you already live in Arcadia or are curious about the neighborhood, we can work with you to answer questions and take those first steps toward buying. Contact us when you want to make your home in Arcadia or any of Phoenix’s most desirable neighborhoods.

*Header photo courtesy of The Karas Group

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