Joni DiMino

Licensed Real Estate Specialist

Joni was born in Detroit and attended Michigan State University. She began her career at General Electric, Aircraft Engine Division in their Financial Management Program and later at GE Capital. After a move to Chicago, she was in corporate sales for AT&T Technologies.

Joni met her husband, Michael, a Boston native, while living in Cincinnati and his career took them to several cities including Colorado Springs, Chicago, Cleveland...

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Joni DiMino Joni DiMino Joni DiMino Joni DiMino Joni DiMino Joni DiMino Joni DiMino
Your proudest moment?
Seeing my sons follow their dreams.
Your biggest challenge?
Learning how to just do nothing... I just love being busy.
Your perfect day?
Hiking in the morning or doing a spin class then playing golf at WeKoPa with my husband and two sons and then getting a Billionaire Roll at Sumo Maya... seriously you have to try it!
Your favorite motto?
"The only things in life you can control are your attitude and effort." – Billy Cox
Your favorite movie?
The Shawshank Redemption and Rocketman – two very different movies.
Where were you born?
Detroit, Michigan and no I won’t tell you the year!
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